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Ken Warriner AM

Board of Directors

Ken is a recognised leader in the Australian agriculture industry with more than 55 years of experience. Ken created Consolidated Pastoral Company in 1983, retiring as CEO in August 2011 and as Chairman in August 2012, retaining his shareholding in one of the most significant agricultural companies in Australian history. Ken has served as Chairman of the Board of GRM International (now Palladium) since 1993 and became a Shareholder through a management buyout in 2009. In addition to his long tenure on Palladium's board, Ken was Partner and Chairman of Road Trains of Australia and Australian Fuel Distributors from 1980 to 2000. Ken has long advised Prime Ministers and business leaders in Australia on agricultural issues and received a Member of the Order of Australia honour for services to the beef cattle industry and rural project management in 2007.