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Continuous Staff Care and Support

Supporting staff success.

The success of your project will ultimately depend on the success of your in-country team. This can be affected by how easily they adapt to their new environment, and mitigated by putting people logistics arrangements in place. We invest in our staff’s security, capacity, and well-being to build resilience and provide the support they need to thrive in challenging environments.

We have in place a mature Global Safety and Security Team. For each activity we develop a Security Risk Assessment to inform the Operational Security Plan. Throughout inception and implementation, there is a comprehensive pre-deployment, deployment and post deployment plan in place which is updated ongoing. Before deployment staff are briefed by our Global Safety and Security Team, and staff going to high risk areas attend a Hostile Environment Awareness Training course. Tracking of risks and incidents is conducted, security briefings and training are provided ongoing supported by online and off-line resources.

Crisis management planning and system design are a key part of Palladium’s security risk management. Our staff at all levels are trained and equipped to deal with an emerging incident, with established guidelines and procedures. If something should happen, we work through an effective crisis management framework to address the specific incident through resolution to staff care thereafter.

We also help evolve our clients’ capacity for strategic, participative change that enables growth and adaptation in response to development challenges. We offer targeted strategies that underpin effective learning, leadership, change management, reform and renewal.

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