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Applied Data Technology and Innovation

Better decisions and practical solutions.

Palladium leverages proprietary systems, expertise and knowledge to develop practical, innovative solutions to address unique and complex challenges and achieve maximum, positive impact. In dynamic environments we embrace testing, piloting, and upscaling locally-grown innovations.

We offer customized, easy-to-use and fit-for-purpose information systems and data management solutions to drive more informed decision-making. Our scalable technology solutions facilitate collection and use of data for improved outcomes, developing highly configurable tools such as dashboards and interoperable data collection instruments, platforms and warehouses.

We provide expertise in the development and implementation of informatics and communication technology, helping counterparts in resource-poor settings move towards integrated, mobile, and data-driven decision making.

We have successfully provided our services and support in a range of environments, for example, Kenya, Zambia, Haiti, northern Nigeria, during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, among many others.

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